Eco friendly and sustainable thinking is important for us. With this, we have joined the Green Key eco-label, a certification of sustainability in the hospitality industry. We make decisions every day on the better use of natural resources.


We offer our products and services based on the following principles:


  • We use water, electricity and heating thoughtfully and economically.
  • We sort trash and try to lessen its amount- we support recycling packages and bottles.
  • We avoid using chemicals that can harm or are dangerous to the environment.
  • We love the genuine taste of local food and use raw produce grown in Pärnumaa.
  • We purchase equipment based on economy.


We’re happy if you support an environmentally sustainable way of life and help us achieve it:


  • Use water economically- did you know that leaving water running every day while brushing teeth wastes 19 litres of clean drinking water?
  • Turn off the TV and lights when leaving the room- this helps save energy and with this, we save the use of natural resources and lessen pollution
  • Use the same towel today and tomorrow- this way you save energy and water usage
  • Sort trash, throw household trash in the bin, leave packages and bottles next to the trash can and paper on the table- this way you help us sort trash by types
  • You can leave used batteries at the hotel reception- we will recycle them to the proper sorting boxes